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HoudahSpot Product Features

HoudahSpot - Spotlight Unleashed

HoudahSpot unleashes the power of Spotlight. It makes good on the promise of quickly finding the files you search for.

  • Create detailed queries to pinpoint the exact file you want
  • Narrow down searches. Step by step, zero in on files
  • Save active queries as documents for direct access to your favorite files
  • Set up templates for frequently performed searches
  • Tag files for easy retrieval
  • Do some housekeeping: Have HoudahSpot find music files not yet in your Music folder. Drag them to where they belong

HoudahSpot is EXACTLY what Spotlight should have been in Mac OS X
Chris Pirillo

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Your Files At Your Fingertips

HoudahSpot is a versatile file search utility build atop Apple's powerful Spotlight engine.
Add an efficient search mechanism to your tool chest today. Eliminate the need for time consuming filing.

  • Keep frequently used files within reach
  • Retrieve the files you didn't know you still had
  • Don't waste time filing. Save time finding

What a pity, the "Finder" name is already taken.
This application would have deserved the appellation!

Customer praises

[HoudahSpot] has become an essential tool for my research
5/ 5stars

HoudahSpot continues to be a fantastic alternative to Spotlight,
and this new updated look is very nice.

5/ 5stars

HoudahSpot 3.8: Tom’s Mac Software Pick

Nice Mavericks update to a very useful application
4.5/ 5stars

I love this app. Great search ability and all results are live
4.5/ 5stars

HoudahSpot is exactly what I need for searching stuff efficiently
4/ 5stars

My favorite file search tool
5/ 5stars

My HoudahSpot has had an evolution, while Spotlight has not!
4/ 5stars

HoudahSpot matrix

HoudahSpot is the front end most Spotlight
users don't know they're missing!

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Find Mac OS X Files. Fast!
HoudahSpot is the front end most Spotlight users don't know they're missing!
MacUpdate.com: 4/5 based on 41 customer reviews
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System Requirements

HoudahSpot requires Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
It is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

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