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The Houdah Blog has many tips & tricks to help you make the most of your Houdah Software products.

Mac OS X Applications Support

Houdah Software operates discussion forums where users discuss our products. We actively monitor these forums and provide support.

Email us for help with HoudahSpot, HoudahGeo, Tembo and Type2Phone.

ACTPrinter Support

Chances are your question is already answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section. Have a look!

Email us at ACTPrinter Win support for help with ACTPrinter for Windows.

Email us at ACTPrinter Mac support for help with ACTPrinter for Mac OS X.

Email us at ACTPrinter Document Scanner support for help with the "Document Scanner" feature.

iTunes and Mac App Store Support

Please contact Apple for issues with the iTunes / iOS App Store or the Mac App Store: billing, refunds, download issues, etc.

Please email us to report any problems you experience with our applications. We will gladly assist you and to our best do fix bugs in the next update.

Please keep in mind that neither Houdah Software nor Apple Inc. can respond to reviews published on the various App Store.
Write reviews for the benefit of other shoppers.