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Save Paper. Print to iPhone or iPad

ACTPrinter allows you to “print” any document from your Mac to your iPhone, iPad or another Mac running ACTPrinter.

From these devices, ACTPrinter can also send PDF printouts to printers connected to your Mac.

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ACTPrinter for Mac

With ACTPrinter for Mac, you can “print” from almost any Mac OS X application to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

ACTPrinter for Mac installs a PDF Service. Thanks to this, ACTPrinter is available from the PDF button menu in the bottom left corner of the print dialog of most Mac applications.

Notable exceptions are:

  • Adobe Reader blocks the use of PDF services. As a workaround, you can open your PDF files directly in ACTPrinter for Mac
  • Google Chrome uses a custom print dialog. An extra click is needed to access the standard Mac print dialog

Download ACTPrinter for Mac 3.2.4

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Email us at ACTPrinter Mac support for help with ACTPrinter for Mac OS X.

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1.99 USD