HoudahGeo 6

Photo Geocoding & Geotagging for Mac

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Single User License

One named user. Unlimited computers.

Family License

Family members living in the same household.
Personal use only.

Site License

Volume pricing available for five or more users.
Please use our alternate store.

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HoudahGeo Upgrades

HoudahGeo 6 is a paid upgrade from previous versions.

The single user upgrade license is priced at $ 21. The family upgrade license is priced at $ 32.
Install the latest version and load your current license. You will be offered the option to purchase an upgrade.

Licenses purchased on or after August 1, 2019 apply to both HoudahGeo 5 and 6.

Are you experiencing problems with our store? Please try our alternate store.

USD prices listed on this page do not include sales tax or value-added tax. These will be added as applicable.