Photos Workbench

Organize, Rate, and Compare your Photos

Screenshot: Photos Workbench. Organize, Rate, and Compare your Photos

Companion to Apple Photos for Mac

Photos Workbench works with Apple Photos to help you organize, name, and compare your photos.

  • Batch change titles. Give your photos descriptive names
  • Drag and drop photos onto a large map to add locations
  • Geocode using track logs from a GPS device or app
  • One-click apply keywords using keyword palettes
  • Use ★★★★★ ratings to mark and find your best shots
  • Compare photos. Find the images worth editing, printing, or sharing

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Photos Workbench 1.2 requires macOS 12 Monterey or newer. It is fully compatible with macOS 14 Sonoma
Photos Workbench is optimized for both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

Set Photo Locations

Photos Workbench has a large map that makes adding location information to your photos easy.

Location information will allow Apple Photos to show your images on a map. It will help you look up images that you did not otherwise file or tag.

  • Drag-and-drop photos onto the map
  • Move map pins to adjust locations
  • Find locations incrementally
    • Center the map on the starting location
    • Assign that location to your first photo
    • Adjust the map to move its center to your next stop
    • Assign that location to the next photo
    • Repeat: Move the map by the distance traveled
Screenshot: Large map geocoding

Geocode Using GPS Data

Use a GPS device or a track-logger app to record your travels. A GPS log is a record of where you have been.

Photos Workbench automatically places photos along the recorded route.

Screenshot: GPX track log geocoding

Batch Change Titles

Descriptive titles make your photo collection “readable” and searchable. A photo titled “Hawaii vacation 2022 - Maui #018” is much more telling than “IMG_9781.jpg”.

Photos Workbench takes the effort out of naming your photos.

  • Name Format: Set up a name format for photos to follow. Build the new titles from date, time, camera make and model, image dimensions, and a sequence number
  • Replace Text: Batch rename photos by replacing or removing text from the current titles
Screenshot: Batch rename photos

Add Keywords

Keywords help organize, mark, and find photos.

  • Keyword Palettes: Custom presets put the right keyword only a click away
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Add or remove a keyword with the press of a single key
Screenshot: Keyword presets

Star Ratings

Use star ratings to identify your best photos and to classify images by their relative quality or relevance. Ratings range from 1 star (worst) to 5 stars (best).

Star ratings translate to keywords in the Photos application. Within Photos Workbench, the stars help you identify the photos you liked best. You can, for example, filter albums to see only the top-rated photos. Rating images is thus a quick and easy way to narrow down the number of images you intend to work with or share.

Screenshot: Star ratings filter

Compare and Rate Photos

Pick the best shot in a series or the best version of the same photo.

The key is to compare photos in pairs. View two photos side-by-side and pick the best one. Keep that photo and compare it to the next candidate. Continue until you have seen each photo and compared it to the best one so far.

Screenshot: Compare photos in paris
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