Spotlight front end you are missing. Find. Browse. Inspect. Fast!

HoudahSpot Product Features

Spotlight unleashed

HoudahSpot is a highly flexible file search tool based on Apple's powerful Spotlight technology.
Spotlight comes preinstalled with Mac OS X. HoudahSpot unlocks its full potential. And improves upon it.
No extra index needed. No disk space wasted.

  • Faster than Spotlight: the search starts only at your command
  • More precise than Spotlight: pinpoint files using a myriad of criteria
  • More detailed than Spotlight: show any number of columns
  • Fully customizable: set your preferred criteria, columns and sort order
  • BlitzSearch: the convenience of Spotlight, the power of HoudahSpot

Precision queries

HoudahSpot allows you to quickly create and store powerful search queries.
This helps you to zero in on the files you are looking for.

  • Query any of the countless file attributes and metadata indexed by Spotlight
  • Use boolean operators to combine criteria in any imaginable way
  • Specify multiple locations where HoudahSpot should search
  • Exclude other locations from showing in results
  • Sort results. Limit to the most relevant ones

Results display

  • Show as many columns as you like
  • Select from data known to Spotlight as well as data computed by HoudahSpot, e.g total folder sizes
  • Copy the results list as CSV text to process in text editors, spreadsheet applications, etc.
  • View results as icon grid. View results using Cover Flow
  • Use Quick Look to preview files
  • Use Text Preview to see search strings highlighted in text files
  • Use the Inspector to see everything Spotlight knows about your files

Unmatched configurability

  • Save searches as templates
  • Use active templates like smart folders
  • Use stopped templates as starting points for new queries
  • Set a preferred template to customize new windows
  • Templates store all your options: query, columns, sort order, etc.
  • Set up hot keys to activate HoudahSpot
  • Use BlitzSearch to start a quick search

System Requirements

HoudahSpot requires Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
It is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

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