Easy and effective Spotlight front end

Tembo: Easy and Effective Searching

Tembo a super-efficient, organized file search tool. It will help you get to your files as quickly as possible.

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Grouped Search Results

Search results are grouped by file type categories.
Preferences allow for categories to be enabled, disabled and reordered.

Drill Down: Details & Filters

The real power of Tembo is revealed when you drill down into a category. You will find up to 2500 search results within each group. Tembo provides you with context-appropriate filters. These help you sort through the list of results, and find what you are looking for quickly.

  • Messages can be filtered by subject, sender and recipient
  • Documents by file type: Alias, Word, Pages, Rich Text, Zip, etc.
  • PDFs by author
  • Safari bookmarks by type (bookmark or history item) and domain
  • Music by file type and artist
  • Video by file type and codec
  • etc.

Customer praises

Easily the Best Search Tool I have used on Mac OS
5/ 5stars

I really wish Apple would buy this software and make it Spotlight
5/ 5stars

Tembo 1.7: Tom’s Mac Software Pick

What Spotlight should be…
4/ 5stars

Super Programm zum Suchen zum Durchsuchen des Macs
5/ 5stars

Utilitaire très efficace en remplacement du Finder
5/ 5stars

Qui cherche, trouve enfin!
5/ 5stars

Spotlight façon Tiger
Désormais Tembo est dans mon Dock et ne va plus le quitter

5/ 5stars

Tembo short introduction

Find files, mails and more with ease. Search results are grouped by type. Each group has its specialized filters. Build for Mac OS X.
Mac App Store US: 4/5 based on 31 customer ratings
$15.00 USD Online Only

Need more power?

For detailed searches, boolean operators, search templates and more check out HoudahSpot.

System Requirements

Tembo requires Mac OS X 10.6.6.
It is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

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