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ACTPrinter: Virtual printer


ACTPrinter now has its own dedicated page.
Head there to read more about ACTPrinter and to download the free ACTPrinter Mac or ACTPrinter Win companion applications.

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Chord Board: Slide Rule

Chord Board

The Chord Board® is a slide rule that displays the notes necessary to form chords.

More than a chord dictionary ~ a means of reference for musicians, singers, songwriters, choirs, composers and arrangers ~ and a convenient teaching/learning tool used by teachers and students of music at all levels.

The multi-colored chart is a 2-octave piano keyboard with numbered note positions ~ and a center slide that displays the notes.

A chord consists of 3 or more notes - to find the notes necessary to form a chord, move the centre slide so the root note (1st note of the chord) is opposite 1 … for major chords, refer to the upper (color-coded) section and for minor chords, the lower section.

After constructing chords, rotate your iOS device to the the chords menu in portrait mode. Here you may play the chords in the selected key.

The iPhone / iPod Touch app may also be used as a guitar, bass or ukulele tuner.

The original Chord Board was created, registered and published in 1979. The Chord Board iPhone / iPod Touch app was developed and published in 2010.

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