Easy and Effective File Search

Tembo: Easy and Effective File Search

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Tembo is a super-efficient, organized file search tool. It will get to your files as quickly as possible.
Tembo finds files, folders, mail messages, bookmarks, images, etc.

Grouped search results

Search starts with a single text entry. From there, Tembo takes a guiding role to get you to your files. It groups search results by file type category. Within each category, it provides appropriate filters to narrow down search results.

For each group, Tembo first shows the top 10 matches. Often enough, you will find the sought for file right there.

Drill Down: Details & Filters

The real power of Tembo is revealed when you drill down into a group. You will find up to 10’000 search results within each group. Tembo provides you with context-appropriate filters. These help you sort through the list of results and quickly find what you are looking for. E.g. a single click reduces Documents search results to only Word files.

Tembo is focused on file search, easy to use and makes finding files easy. Painless. Nay, enjoyable.

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What filters are available?

  • Bookmarks & History: Type, URL Domain
  • Documents: File Type
  • Fonts: File Type
  • Images: Resolution, File Type
  • Messages: Subject, From, To
  • Movies: File Type, Codec
  • Music: Artist, File Type
  • PDF Documents: Author
  • Source Code Files: File Type

What is new in Tembo 2.0?

  • Actions: rename, tag, or trash files from search results
  • Sharing: send files by Mail, Messages, Facebook, etc.
  • File Info window: easy-to-read overview of important file properties
  • View options: font size, date format, grid of icons or previews
  • Collapsible groups: hide seldomly visited groups
  • Menu bar button and global keyboard shortcuts
  • Speed and looks! Faster. Better looking.

What can I do with search results?

  • Double-click a file to open it.
  • Hold the option key while double-clicking to send Tembo to the background
  • Use the action button to perform tasks: rename, trash, tag, etc.
  • Use the share button to share selected files with others
  • Hit the space bar to get a QuickLook preview of the file
  • Control-click or right-click to access the context menu
  • Drag a file out of Tembo into Finder or into another application

Which files can Tembo find?

Tembo uses the existing Spotlight index. Tembo can find any file indexed by Spotlight. This includes files in the Library folders, but excludes most system files, hidden files, etc.

Customer praises

Easily the Best Search Tool I have used on Mac OS
5/ 5stars
I really wish Apple would buy this software and make it Spotlight
5/ 5stars
What Spotlight should be…
4/ 5stars
Super Programm zum Suchen zum Durchsuchen des Macs
5/ 5stars
Qui cherche, trouve enfin!;
4/ 5stars
MacUpdate.com: 4/5 based on 26 customer reviews
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Tembo 2.0 requires OS X 10.10 Yosemite
For earlier versions of Mac OS X, download Tembo 1.8

Download the Tembo Press Kit

There are two versions of Tembo: Mac App Store and direct download. The version available on the App Store is confined to the OS X application sandbox. The sandbox requires Tembo to ask for explicit permission before it can access files or folders. It also restricts interactions between applications. Thus some features are available only in the direct download version of Tembo.

Need more power?

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