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Powerful File Search for Mac

Screenshot: Find files using on Mac

Find Files. Fast!

Use HoudahSpot to find important documents, mail messages, photos, image files and more.

  • Start with a simple search
  • Refine it by adding and combining criteria
  • Search several folders at once. Exclude others
  • Add and sort by any of the hundreds of columns available
  • Preview files and text matches

HoudahSpot shows search results in a convenient and easy-to-use interface that keeps all the important details at your fingertips.

Screenshot: Find files using multiple criteria

Powerful File Search

  • Find files by name, text, file extension, author, recipient, image resolution, etc.
  • Combine criteria to quickly narrow in on the files you need
  • Customize columns in the search results list
  • Filter the results to see only relevant files
  • Set up templates for recurring searches

HoudahSpot is a powerful desktop search tool. It builds upon macOS Spotlight to get you to your files in no time.

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HoudahSpot takes all the tedium out of file search. Use HoudahSpot to locate hard-to-find files and keep frequently used files within reach.

  • Mails about “CV” or “resumé” received this year
  • Word processing files containing “invoice” or “estimate”
  • Image files named “logo” that are 512 pixels wide
  • Files created, modified, or opened in the last 7 days

HoudahSpot is an essential tool for professionals and power users who work with thousands of files. HoudahSpot picks the needles out of the proverbial haystack.

Screenshot: Find Apple Mail messages

Customer Voices

  • HoudahSpot may be the most helpful application I own.

  • I am a new user of HoudahSpot and wow, just wow!

  • There’s nothing else like it [HoudahSpot] for Mac users by a long margin.

  • HoudahSpot is the best-designed and most useful application I’ve ever used.

  • If there is one utility that is indispensable for me on the Mac, HoudahSpot is it (locates files on disk).

  • HoudahSpot is absolutely both a necessity and critical in making my workflow life manageable!

  • A smarter, better, faster way to find files.
    Finder works for easy things - HoudahSpot does the heavy lifting.

  • For me a true killer app since years – helped me so often finding long missed info fast and easy.

  • This is the most-used app on my MacBook Pro.

  • The ‘HoudahSpot’ app is simply amazing! I was literally speechless at how good it was.

  • I have used HoudahSpot 4.0 for about six minutes. I am agog. I am stunned. This is beautiful. And fast. And I have so wanted a beautiful preview / information panel. Wow!

  • Ten minutes with HoudahSpot 4.0 and I can tell you - you’re not getting it back, I’m keeping it!

HoudahSpot 4.4 requires MacOS X 10.10 or later.
It is fully compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Feature Highlights

Quick Search Field

Find files by typing just a few words.

HoudahSpot starts the search at your command: Hit Return when you are ready.

Screenshot: Quick search field

Refine your Search

Add criteria to narrow down your search to the exact files you are looking for.

Choose from hundreds of attributes to search by: name, text, tags, file size, date created, etc.

Combine criteria into groups to find files that match any, all or none of the criteria in the group. Aka. boolean operators.

Search text for words, prefixes, or exact phrase. Use “*” as a wildcard for partial matches.

Screenshot: Refine search by combining criteria


Search several locations at once. Specify which subfolders to include and which to exclude.

HoudahSpot can, for example, search your home folder, skip the Library folder, but still show results from the Mail folder, which is nested within your Library folder.

Screenshot: Search multiple folders


Add and sort by any of the hundreds of columns available. See file paths, folder sizes, image dimensions, etc.

Customize results display: view as list, icons or thumbnails.

Save your perfect setup of criteria, locations and columns as default for new windows.

Screenshot: Customize columns in results

Preview & Info

The Info pane, Quick Look and Text Preview help you explore search results and pick the files you are looking for.

A concise summary shows the most relevant properties of found files. These include file size and modification dates as well as image dimensions, video duration, etc.

The Info pane also shows detailed file properties and metadata as indexed by Spotlight. Use this information to filter search results or to create new search criteria.

Screenshot: View file info and size


Create snippets to hold sets of criteria you use frequently.

The sample snippet “Images” contains criteria commonly used when searching for images.

The sample snippet “Word files” contains criteria to match Microsoft Word files by both of the possible Uniform Type Identifiers.

Screenshot: Save frequently used search criteria


Save searches as templates. These serve as blueprints to create new searches.

HoudahSpot comes with a set of sample templates. The “Apple Mail Messages” template is set up with useful criteria for finding email messages stored by Apple Mail.

Templates also allow for quick access to frequently used files. The “Applications” sample template lists all your applications. “Recent Files” will find files opened or modified within the past 7 days.

Screenshot: Save common searches as templates

Power User Features

  • Enter advanced queries in the search field
  • Copy result lists as tab delimited text
  • Inspect files by dropping them onto the Info window
  • Automate search using Apple Script
  • Start HoudahSpot searches from third party tools like Alfred, LaunchBar, Butler, etc.
Screenshot: Power user file search

HoudahSpot 4.4 requires OS X 10.10 or later.
It is fully compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave.

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